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Jake and Victoria wanted a show stopper of a wedding cake to wow their guests and act as a magnificent centrepiece at their wedding in the wonderful setting of Thornton Manor.  They wanted the cake to have a contemporary feel but still fit in with the grandeur of Thornton Manor.  The cake was to be displayed in the centre of the room, so it was important to have a 360 degree design which could be viewed from any side. I designed a cake with very deep, square tiers, in ivory, covered with bas relief – mouldings, cut outs, piping etc, to create an elegant and striking design.

The cake had 8″, 10″ and 12″ tiers. Each tier was 9” deep and the baking alone took quite some time!  With ganache and sugarpaste added, it weighed a ton!  We soon began to realise that this cake was going to provide a real logistical challenge!  Delivering weddings cakes is often stressful, but this one sent my stress levels off the scale!

My other half, aka Mr Buttercup, got the cake into a strong, wedding cake box, with an insert in it so the cake couldn’t move in the box.  We then got the cake box onto a large piece of MDF and Mr Buttercup screwed down batons all around the cake box so it couldn’t slide on the MDF.

It took 2 men to then carry the cake to the van.  Mr Buttercup then screwed down the MDF to the floor of the van.


We then set off for the hour and a half journey to Thornton Manor.  Now as you have probably noticed, the state of many roads is not great, and every bump, grid, pothole or traffic calming road surface, added to my stress levels! We arrived at Thornton Manor and I peeked inside the box to check the cake was OK.  It looked fine, but I couldn’t relax. Our job still wasn’t done.  We had to carry the cake into the Manor House and set it up on the cake table.  Fortunately the staff at Thornton Manor are brilliant and they helped us carry the cake in.  We managed to get the cake out of the box and onto the cake stand and positioned in the middle of a beautiful polished table.  And breathe ………  it looked stunning.  Everyone was coming over to admire it and I felt a surge of pride.  I felt quite emotional as I left it there in all its splendour!

We had amazing feedback from Jake and Victoria and their cake will always hold a special place in my heart.