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Wedding Cakes Cheshire – Going the Extra Mile for Chrissie and Adam’s Heaton House Farm Wedding

Chrissie and Adam’s Heaton House Farm wedding is one wedding I’ll never forget! We pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to make sure our clients have their dream wedding cake.  We often work into the small hours to complete all the intricate details on a cake and meticulously plan the delivery.  However, some things just can’t be planned for!  Who would ever have imagined what would happen on the weekend of Chrissie and Adam’s Heaton House Farm Wedding!


The Wedding Cake

Chrissie and Adam had ordered a beautiful, elegant wedding cake for their wedding at the fabulous Heaton House Farm.  It was 4 tiers with ruffles and gorgeous handmade sugar flowers to compliment their wedding flowers and decor.  After many days of work it was all coming together beautifully, when disaster struck!

Handmade sugar flowers

The Whaley Bridge Dam

I was busy adding the finishing touches to the wedding cake, when there was a loud knock at the door.  It was a police officer telling me to just leave everything and evacuate immediately.  The dam in the centre of Whaley Bridge had been breached and was threatening to collapse.  The village was in imminent danger of being engulfed in water! To my absolute dismay, I had to leave the almost finished wedding cake on my workbench and evacuate.  My cakes are my babies so leaving it there was heartbreaking.  I was so upset for Chrissie and Adam.  It looked like they weren’t going to have their dream wedding cake for their Heaton House Farm Wedding.

The Rescue

All I could think about was how could I get the wedding cake out of my studio so I could deliver it to https://heatonhousefarm.co.uk/    After a sleepless night, I put out a plea on my social media to “rescue the wedding cake”.  By this time, the Whaley Bridge Dam was national and international news.  The story of the abandoned wedding cake spread far and wide.  Derbyshire Police picked up on it and contacted me to see if they could help.  After much deliberation and risk assessment, I was given 5 minutes to enter my studio and retrieve the cake, at my own risk.  The village was eerily quiet, with just the sound of the chinook helicopter flying overhead with sandbags to prop up the dam.  I got the cake out and also grabbed the sugar flowers and some essential tools to finish the cake.

Rescuing the cake from the Whaley Bridge Dam disaster

Happy Endings

With the cake safely in the back of my car, I set off to the venue.  Heaton House Farm in Cheshire, is a stunning venue and we are privileged to be one of their preferred suppliers.  Everyone was surprised and relieved when I arrived with the wedding cake.  The staff were so helpful and kind, making me cups of tea and letting me use their kitchens to finish the wedding cake.  Chrissie was getting ready at the venue and she came to the kitchen to give me the biggest hug! When the cake was finished and set up on a fantastic rustic barrel, it looked stunning.  The sense of relief and pride was immense.  I have to admit I shed a few tears! The look of pure delight on Chrissie and Adam’s faces when they saw their wedding cake, made all the stress and effort worthwhile.

Chrissie and Adam see their cake

Wedding cake for Chrissie and Adam at Heaton House Farm


We always aim to exceed expectation with all our wedding cakes but I certainly feel we went the extra mile with this one!  What  a weekend – the dam and the village were saved and Chrissie and Adam had their dream wedding cake for their Heaton House Farm wedding!


For more wedding cake inspiration please take a  look at our wedding cake gallery.  If you’re looking for your wedding cake, please get in touch.  I’d love to chat to you.

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